2012: Remembering 30 Years of DAT

The mission of Doing Art Together (DAT) is to awaken and enrich the intellectual, social, and cultural development of under-resourced New York City youth, inspiring them to pursue their learning. We accomplish this by engaging youth in the visual arts, igniting the participation of their family network, and building enduring partnerships with their educational community.

We are a non-profit arts education organization that provides hands-on programs to under-served audiences. DAT’s programs build skills that enhance the ability to learn and are easily transferred from the classroom to life.

DAT’s interactive workshops:

  •  Build self-confidence and self-expression
  •  Encourage problem-solving and critical thinking
  •  Enhance academic lessons
  •  Expose participants to a wide variety of artistic disciplines that enhance and encourage job skills
  •  Reach pre-K to high school students, teachers, parents, and social service agency clients throughout New York City.


The Doing Art Together philosophy of art education emphasizes process. Doing Art Together believes that the greatest value to be gained from doing art is often the experience itself, internalized for future reference.

Trained art instructors encourage all students to experiment with a variety of materials, express their own ideas and feelings and make discoveries. With this emphasis on the relationship between thinking and doing art, students develop invaluable tools for everyday living — imagination, observation, and creative problem-solving skills.

The Doing Art Together philosophy embraces a non-judgmental approach to art in which no student’s work is considered better, or not as good as that of another. In this supportive environment, everyone succeeds and takes pride in a final exhibition.